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Share and Collaborate

19 Apr

Welcome to the Synergizer Home Page. This site is a reference of our results at Pocantico,  and also a place  to share ideas, work products, and collaborate as we reach milestones on our shared projects: Kenya Peace Councils, Push4Peace, and Systemic Peace Building Models.

At the top of the page are links to the maps created by Susanne during the event and to your group project pages. You’ll also see photos, and (coming soon) videos of the event for you to inspire others.

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On your project pages, we have started and made links to Google docs that you can share back and forth as your projects moves forward. Please feel free to send Jake suggestions or requests to improve the site and make your collaboration that much easier. Our goal is make our collaboration as seamless as possible.

Brainstorming Picture

Participants brainstorm a peace building system

We’d also like to share a comment from Scilla that was both touching and a great summary of our event.:

I believe the Safe Conflict Synergizer produced some fundamental shifts, that will affect the future in ways we cannot yet predict.

For my part this shift consisted of realising that there is a thriving community of thinkers, activists and communications experts in the US who are able and willing to work together co-operatively, and to bring in – and listen to – peace builders from around the world. There is an energy in this group for truly global work, and a crucial awareness of the importance of good process.

We achieved our ambitious objective! The exciting and groundbreaking outcome of our event was three interlocking projects: Expanding Peace Councils in Kenya, a Systemic Peace Building Approach, and Push4Peace media.



The Checklist

18 Apr

On Monday we created a phenomenal check list of considerations to go through when planning any Conflict Transformation Project.

You can find the complete document here: Planning and Context — Stickey Swarm