Systemic Peace Building Model

Systemic Peace Building Model

Push For Peace

Local Peace Councils, inspired by the success of the Kenya Peace Councils.

– This storyboard is studio work, created from the sketches and input of The Safe Conflict Project as part of the development of the Civic Action Platform ‘game’ that Nathan Otto presented during the Synergizer. The map shows the interactivity between Sensors & Sources on the ground, the Safe Conflict planning process on different levels, and the front end of citizens participating on the platform. They support the Safe Conflict Project with specific and well-planned real life actions, that directly connect to the work and needs of other peacebuilding organizations and networks.

This is a quick real-time graphic capture of the reports of the break-out groups at the end of the second session on Monday April 4, 2011. Each group had worked on one element of the Safe Conflict Ecosystem, by defining the triggers for action, the minimum requirements, and resources. The notes give an impression of the generated insights. The complete reports include the full notes of the meetings in small groups.

This conceptual illustration gives an impression of the perspective and analysis of The Safe Conflict Project on the current state of the international conflict transformation field. It also includes the observations from the Synergizer attendants as expressed in the preparations call before the event. The map displays a proposed model and vision for future integrated processes for conflict transformation organizations and professionals. The goal of the map is to provide a starting point for further conversations and development. The map has been designed and sketched out before the event. The actual drawing and coloring was done at the Pocantico Center on April 3, 2011.

This is an illustration of the rich variety of gifts and offers that the Synergizer participants bring to the table. Mark Gerzon invited the group on Tuesday morning April 5, 2011 to reflect on the following (inspired by the paradigm that Eben Pagan shared on evolving consciousness – a spiral staircase in the dark towards light, the next light step will only reveal itself when you are there): What if all the skills, resources, tools, projects, actions that YOU and YOUR ORGANIZATION have are not sufficient to reach the next step. What if THE ONLY WAY you can see and take the next step in the field of global conflict transformation and peacebuilding is by collaborating with one or more others?

This chart was created during and after the first session of the Synergizer on Monday April 4, 2011. The meeting participants were asked to define different levels of Safe Conflict and generate relevant metrics for every level. The overall goal is to describe and identify a commonly accepted set of standards in the professional peacebuilding and conflict transformation field. Shared definitions are critical to define clear goals and measurable results, for all stakeholders involved. This chart is a record of the information that participants gathered and clustered on sticky-notes in break-out groups.


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